10 Ways to Reduce Fat in Your Daily Diet

If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, reducing the fat in your daily diet is a great place to start. Many of us are consuming more fat than we even realize. That hidden fat can really add up, resulting in extra pounds and even chronic health problems.


You can use these tips to cut the amount of fat in your diet and get on the road to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


1. Swap out full fat milk for skim or reduced fat versions.

Regular milk is high in fat and calories. Simply switching to skim and reduced fat milk can help you lose weight and reduce your daily fat intake.


2. Swap out regular ice cream and enjoy non-fat frozen yogurt instead.

Frozen yogurt comes in an astonishing array of flavors, nearly as many as regular ice cream. You do not have to give up variety or good taste to reduce fat and calories.


3. Choose the leanest ground beef you can find.

Ground beef is rated on its fat content, i.e. 85% lean and 15% fat. Always choose the lowest fat ground beef you can find.


4. Switch to low fat ground turkey instead.

You can reduce fat even more by switching to ground turkey for your hamburgers and your favorite recipes. Ground turkey is delicious – and much lower in fat than most ground beef.


5. Trim the fat off your steaks before they hit the grill.

Trimming the visible fat off your steaks can make them healthier for you. If you prefer to cook your steaks with the fat on, be sure to trim the fat when they hit the table.


6. Reduce the amount of sauces, gravies and dressings you use in your cooking and on your food. 

Don’t ruin that healthy salad by loading it up with fatty blue cheese or ranch dressing. Go easy on the sauces when you cook, and avoid the temptation to pile them on at the table.


7. Watch out for hidden fats in baked goods. That healthy looking muffin could be harboring lots of saturated fat.

You can control the amount of fat in those sweet treats by making your own cookies, cakes and pies. Choosing low fat ingredients can allow you to indulge your sweet tooth in a healthy way.


8. Avoid fried foods whenever you can.

Use healthy cooking techniques like broiling, baking and grilling when you cook at home. Cooking healthy is a great way to reduce the fat in your daily diet.


9. Remove the skin from chicken and turkey before you eat. 

That skin is full of fat, and it soaks up additional grease and fat during cooking. If you cooked the poultry properly, removing the skin should not affect moisture or flavor.


10. Check the nutrition information on the menu when you eat out.

Restaurant meals are notorious for hidden fat. Check the fat content before you order, and ask your server if the dish can be prepared in a more healthy manner.

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