Reasons to Consume Olive Oil

People have been consuming olive oil since 3000 B.C. This food has a wonderful flavor, and it promotes good health. If you haven’t incorporated olive oil into your diet yet, you just may want to start. Here’s a list of reasons to add olive oil to your food:


  • Olive oil aids in the prevention of damage to the body caused by oxidation. It contains polyphenols that work to prevent LDL oxidation. LDL oxidation advances the development of arteriosclerosis, a condition that is also referred to as hardening of the arteries.


  • ‚ÄčOlive oil contains phytosterols that may assist in the prevention of cancer. This oil also has monounsaturated fat that may offer protection against breast cancer. The consumption of olive oil could protect against colon cancer too.


  • Olive oil has the ability to lower blood pressure. The effect it has on the cells that line the blood vessels is positive. Researchers from the University of Athens performed a study on a large number of people from Greece, and they found that these people had lower blood pressure from the olive oil they consumed.


Aside from the health benefits mentioned, olive oil can be applied to the hair to serve as a conditioner. A few drops in the ear helps remove ear wax.  This oil also aids as a laxative. Be aware that extra virgin olive oil is recommended over regular olive oil because it is richer in polyphenols.


4 Great Ways to Use Olive Oil

When it comes to cooking, olive oil is often prized for its high quality and depth of flavor.  However, this oil is much more than just a tool for sautéing or an ingredient in vinaigrettes.  There are so many methods of using it to improve your daily life.  Here are four great ways to use olive oil:


  • Your hair

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† If your hair tends to be dry and dull, olive oil may be just what you need to moisturize it.¬† Simply heat 1/2 cup of olive oil and use your fingers to work it through your locks.¬† Make sure you completely saturate your entire scalp.¬† Once it is thoroughly coated, put on a snug-fitting plastic shower cap and let the oil penetrate for around an hour.¬† Then, wash your hair as you normally would.¬† When you’re done, your tresses will likely feel softer and more supple thanks to the nourishing qualities of olive oil.


  • Your skin

        Just like olive oil can moisturize your hair, it can also do wonders for dry, cracked skin.  The secret lies in the linoleic acid it contains.  This acid slows down the evaporation of water, which allows your skin to stay soft and hydrated.  There are several ways to apply olive oil to your skin.  You can wipe it on directly with a washcloth or bath pouf.  You could also drizzle a little into your nightly bath and let yourself soak for a luxurious experience.  You can even use a moisturizing cream or lotion that already has olive oil mixed in.  However you choose to apply it, your skin will reap tremendous benefits. 


  • Your furniture¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† If your wood furniture looks a little lackluster, olive oil can breathe new life back into it.¬† Use a dab of oil on a clean rag to add shine to your wood tables, dressers, cabinets and more.¬† It only takes a couple minutes to restore the polished appearance your pieces once had.¬† You might also want try using olive oil as a way to recondition items like leather sofas and chairs.¬† You’ll be amazed at how much softer and shinier they can be after just one treatment.¬† Plus, you won’t expose your family to the harsh chemicals and fumes associated with many of the products that are typically used for furniture care.¬† It’s yet another great reason to take olive oil outside the kitchen.


  • Your pets

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Whether you’ve got a puppy to pamper or a kitten to coddle, olive oil can be very helpful for your pet.¬† Mix a teaspoon or so into your cat’s food to lubricate its throat and cut down on those common hairballs.¬† Rub a small amount on your dog’s cracking paws to repair any damage done by afternoon strolls on hot sidewalks.¬† Olive oil can also be used as a way to condition the coats of Fido or Fluffy.¬† Massage a little into your pet’s fur before a bath to increase shininess and prevent fleas.¬† Even your family’s furry, four-legged members can enjoy everything olive oil has to offer.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† With its amazing health benefits, we all know olive oil brings a lot to the table.¬† However, the advantages of using it extend far beyond your¬†dinner menu.¬† Try one of these great ways to use olive oil in your home.¬† It’s an all-natural solution to a variety of household problems!

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