Healthy Eating: A Better Approach to Dieting than Cutting Calories

A lot of modern diet advice can be summed up in a simple equation: Calories in must equal calories out for weight maintenance, and calories in must be less than calories out for weight loss. This convention is an okay starting point, but it’s too simple to guide one through the multitude of food choices present in our modern diet.

For example, if you only focus on the calorie equation when trying to lose weight, you could end up eating a slice of chocolate mousse cake and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before calling it a day. You may have met your calorie quota, but your blood sugar will spike and crash, and your body will be starved of essential nutrients needed for proper cell-function. You’ll end up with no energy, a gross feeling, and probably a headache.


Feeling miserable and having no energy is no way to lose weight. Better diet wisdom is to focus heavily on the quality and vitamin density of the food you eat. Not only will this help you on your path to weight loss, you’ll get sick less, have more stable and higher energy levels and really enjoy the food in front of you. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


Foods to Focus On

Vegetables cannot be emphasized enough. Thick, leafy greens are especially good. These foods include kale, chard and spinach. Not only do they blend fabulously into stews and stir-fries, they are chock full of nutrients and are actually quite filling.


Nuts are one of the healthiest snack foods on the planets. Eating a handful or two a day is enough to reduce your risk for cancer. They are also full of healthy proteins and fats that your cells desperately need to keep your body running in top form. Nuts can be eaten as a snack or cooked into meals in a multitude of tasty forms.


Cooking with plenty of spices is also a great way to eat well while you loose weight. Spicy food is often more satisfying. Garlic, ginger, curry, cayenne pepper, fennel and mustard are all excellent spices to work with. Spices are a great way to add essential vitamins to your meal, as well as making for a more enjoyable eating experience.


You feel fuller faster with spices and healthy ingredients because they are chock full of nutrients that your body must obtain through food. When your body knows it’s getting the nutrients it needs and not just the calories, it signals to you that you are satisfied and do not need to eat more.


Eat Slower

When you eat to loose weight (or just eat to feel healthy and amazing), it’s important to focus on the eating experience. Dieting should be more than just trying to squeeze guilty pleasures into your calories quota.


Take the time to explore in the kitchen with healthy, quality ingredients. Learn how to cook. Learn how to use spices. When you sit down, enjoy the rich flavors in each bite and picture how those nutrients will energize and feed your body.


The key is not just to eat less of greasy, simple-carb-rich foods, but to replace it with healthy, nutrient rich meals. When you’re used to the pleasure of eating being directly related to the amazing feeling of sugar-spike, it can be a little difficult to transition and feel satisfied by your healthy eating experience. However, you will soon notice that you feel more energetic and healthier overall. Eating healthy food will be pleasurable, and preferable to eating junk food.

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