5 Power Foods to Get You Through Your Work Day

Everyone gets hit hard by the afternoon slump. Usually, by 2 p.m., people’s heads start to sag just a little at their desks. It’s only a few more hours until quitting time, and you can’t take a siesta unless your company allows it. You need a little pick-me-up. Don’t reach for another cup of coffee. The energy from the caffeine won’t last. Do not reach for an energy drink, either. Those things can kill you – literally. Power foods are not only healthy for you, they will also pick you up enough to make to five o’clock. Here are five of them from which you can choose.


1. Nuts and Seeds

One of the best power foods out there is nuts. Nuts are packed with protein and some varieties add a nice dose of healthy fat to your diet. The best nuts to snack on are almonds and walnuts. Almonds will stabilize your blood sugar and give you consistent energy throughout the rest of the afternoon. Walnuts are a fantastic choice for omega-3 fatty acids, which will boost your brainpower. If seeds are your preference, stick with a healthier option such as pumpkin seeds. These traditional Halloween treats can be eaten year round and they pack a nice punch of magnesium to your daily diet.


2. Dried Fruit

Something to add to your nuts or seeds is a few pieces of dried fruit. Fresh fruit is also a great option, but sometimes the workplace might not accommodate such a treat. Dried fruit is easy to store – it doesn’t need refrigeration – and pops into your mouth without the added stickiness of, say, a juicy orange. Dried apricots are the perfect choice when it comes to this popular dried treat. Apricots boost your glucose safely and naturally, and they also give your body a little extra oxygen-boosting iron. Grab a handful of almonds and dried apricots together. It makes a healthy mini-trail mix and you can dry the fruit yourself.


3. Hard-Boiled Egg

Eggs got a lot of bad press for a long time, but new studies show the cholesterol concerns initially surrounding the consumption of eggs just might be unfounded. No, you shouldn’t eat a three-egg omelet for breakfast every morning and then top it off with a hard-boiled egg in the afternoon, but if you’ve stuck to a whole-grain cereal for your morning meal, there’s nothing wrong with an egg for your afternoon pick-me-up. As long as you can keep the egg in refrigeration until you are ready to eat it, this snack is a healthy power food packed with enough protein to tie both your energy and appetite over until dinner.

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