10 Weight-Loss Tips to Consider as You Age

Some people can maintain a healthy body weight in their youth and through the early years of adulthood with ease. Other people have struggled with the number on the scale for as long as they can remember. Eventually, however, there comes a time in nearly everyone’s life where age and the aging process start to wreak havoc with muscle tone, fat distribution, and overall body weight. Whether hormones, lifestyle choices or just overall laziness is causing the problem, there is a noticeable change that many people want to avoid if at all possible.


While you can’t stop the clock or turn back the ravages of time, there are some changes you can, and should, make to help maintain or regain that sleek look of youth.


  • First of all, you have to acknowledge reality. You aren’t a teenager anymore. You may not even be able to lay claim to young adulthood. If you’ve passed the age of 40, you are flirting with middle age. Accepting this fact, however, doesn’t mean you have to give in to what seems inevitable; it just means you have to face a new set of challenges. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to fight back.


  • Fruits and vegetables were always an important part of your healthy diet, but they should take on a whole new meaning as your age creeps up. Fruits and vegetables will always give you more bang for your calorie intake than just about any other food or food group. They provide sufficient nutrients with minimal calories, and they can be quite filling as well, allowing you to feel satiated sooner.


  • Breakfast is more important than ever if you are trying to control your weight and your food intake. Whole grain cereals, along with protein from eggs or yogurt will provide a full stomach a lot longer than a cheese Danish or pancakes with a side of hash browns.

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