5 Foods That Can Help Weight Loss

Too often, people fixate on what cannot be eaten when they are trying to lose weight. That’s a negative view because there are some foods that can be very useful when it comes to dieting. Here are five  interesting  – and possibly unexpected – foods that you might want to think about including in your meal plans when you want to lose a few pounds.


1. Dark chocolate

Forbidden fruits definitely taste sweeter, and people often have cravings when they are on a diet.  The good news is that if you crave chocolate,  dark chocolate can actually help you lose weight. According to research, dark chocolate can regulate blood sugar spikes and help you to control  hunger. Also, dark chocolate is helpful when it comes to managing cravings for sweet and salty food. However, like all high calorie foods, it should only be consumed in moderation.


2. Beans

Eating beans as part of your diet can help you to feel fuller for  longer and therefore naturally reduce your food intake. Beans contain proteins that help to prevent spikes in  blood sugar levels. And beans contain plenty of fibre to help you feel full and get your digestive system working well. If you want to lose weight, include beans in your eating plan on a regular basis.


3. Salads

It’s a good idea to start lunch and/or dinner with a salad, like they do in Mediterranean countries. This cuts down on your food intake, since the salad will take the edge off your appetite. Also, it extends meal times, which helps to achieve that full feeling without consuming too many calories. However remember to take salad dressings into account. A healthy option – again chosen by Mediterranean people – is to drizzle a little olive oil over the salad. Alternatively, use a low-calorie, store-bought dressing, or make your own.


4. Green tea

Green tea contains polyphenols called catechins, which help with digestion and boost the metabolism, leading to an increase in the fat burning which is necessary for weight loss. Additionally green tea can also help in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Green tea is high in antioxidant content, so it’s great for general health, as well as being helpful for weight loss.


5. Grapefruit

Contrary to some claims, grapefruit does not actually boost the metabolism and aid with fat burning. However, it is high in soluble fibre, so eating half a grapefruit before meals could reduce the amount of food you eat, since it takes the edge of your appetite and helps you to stay fuller for longer. Also, the high levels of pectin in grapefruit help to lower blood cholesterol levels, so it’s a healthy addition to the diet.


Losing weight is not easy, as you need to make long term changes to your lifestyle. One of those areas that needs to change is your eating pattern. Happily there are some foods that can actually be useful when it comes to losing weight. Seek out those foods and incorporate them into your diet and those excess pounds will soon disappear.

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