8 Ways To Make Dieting More Enjoyable

Dieting is a great way to lose weight, tone your body, and improve your overall health. With that said, dieting isn’t always great for your mental health. Many people use fad diets or crash diets that end up making them feel drained, depressed, and ultimately losing motivation to diet. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to make dieting more enjoyable.


Cutting down on how much you eat and changing what you eat doesn’t have to be unpleasant. In many cases, you can still eat plenty of delicious food each day while still losing weight. Some approaches even allow you to eat your favorite junk foods – albeit in moderation. Here are eight of the best ways to make dieting more enjoyable.


1. Learn Some Healthy Recipes

If you’re trying to lose weight but you’re not a fan of eating plain meals such as tuna and veggies or chicken and rice, find some healthy meals that you love. Dieting becomes a lot easier if you can cut down your calories while still eating delicious meals that you genuinely enjoy.


Healthy food doesn’t have to be off-putting. Meals such as grilled chicken stir-fries, chili and lime prawn salads, and pad thai are all easy to make and healthy while still being delicious. You can also make smoothies, yogurt bowls, and all kinds of other tasty treats for breakfast and dessert. There are tons of healthy recipes online, so find some you like and stick to them.


2. Give Yourself A Cheat Day

One of the biggest challenges of dieting is fighting cravings for your favorite foods. Although healthy meals can be tasty and refreshing, sometimes you might miss binging on pizza and cookies. Fortunately, you don’t always have to eliminate your favorite junk foods.


Although it’s important to cut down on unhealthy, high-calorie meals, you can tackle your cravings by giving yourself a cheat day once a week. A cheat day is a day where you can eat whatever you want. As long as you go back to eating clean and cutting your calories for the rest of the week, you can still stay on track while indulging in some delicious non-dieting foods.


3. Add Some Exercise To Your Daily Routine

Dieting by itself can help you lose weight, but you’ll see results much faster if you incorporate some physical activity. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, either. Running, cycling, or even doing some circuits in your home for 20 minutes each day can go a long way.


If you want to make exercising even more enjoyable, you might want to find a physical activity that’s fun for you. This could be yoga, dancing, martial arts, or even team sports. The great thing about exercising is that it gives you more leeway with your diet. You’ll be burning more calories via physical activity, meaning that you can enjoy bigger meals or simply enjoy faster weight loss.


4. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy for those who don’t enjoy traditional dieting but still want to lose weight. Intermittent fasting usually involves fitting all of your meals into an 8-hour eating window before fasting for the remaining 16 hours of the day. Some people take other approaches, such as fasting for 24 hours after an indulgent cheat day.


As well as helping you avoid cravings, intermittent fasting has many surprising benefits. Fasting helps boost human growth hormone (HGH), increase your metabolism, and even fight off various health problems. It can take some getting used to, but as long as you don’t overindulge during your eating windows, using this method can help you lose weight much faster.


5. Drink Flavored Water

Drinking water regularly is one of the best things you can do to lose weight faster. A 2003 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism even found that drinking 500ml of water increases your metabolic rate by 30% in both men and women. That means that simply drinking more water can help speed up your weight loss.


With that said, downing half a liter of water isn’t always enjoyable. That’s why it helps to use flavored water. Flavored water still has 0 calories yet makes drinking water throughout the day more enjoyable. You can even make flavored water yourself by infusing your water with herbs, mints, and other flavorful ingredients.


6. Make Your Meals In Advance

Meal planning can make dieting much more enjoyable. One of the biggest problems that people have with dieting is that constantly cooking healthy meals can become annoying and time-consuming. However, if you plan and make your meals in advance, eating healthy will become much easier.


You might want to set one day aside to make a range of meals for the rest of the week then simply put them in the fridge or freezer to save them for later. If you always have a healthy meal ready to heat in the microwave, you’ll be less tempted to head to the nearest fast food joint when you’re feeling stressed and hungry.


7. Use A Calorie Counting App To Track Your Progress

Keeping track of everything you’re eating each day can be tough. But if you fail to keep track of what you’re eating, you could end up overeating and ruining your progress. Luckily, you can now use free calorie counting apps to help you track your progress and stick with your diet.


Apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal make it easy to track everything you’re eating within minutes and break down your daily calorie intake. In some cases, you might even find that you’ve eaten less than you need to, allowing you to give yourself a treat. This will make it much easier to stay on track with your diet and ultimately achieve your fitness goals.


8. Drink More Tea

Just because you’re dieting and trying to avoid overeating, doesn’t mean you have to avoid consuming anything. One of the best things you can do to avoid snacking is to drink more tea. Tea can be incredibly tasty and refreshing as well as helping to boost your metabolism.


A 2013 study in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences found that drinking four cups of green tea per day led to a significant decrease in body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and blood pressure. You can also enhance your tea with healthy additives like lemon, honey, and ginger.



Although dieting can sometimes be stressful and unpleasant, these tips will help make it much more enjoyable. By incorporating these strategies, you’ll enjoy the process of losing weight more and might even find that you achieve your fitness goals faster. Try them out for yourself and see how they work for you.

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