How To Set And Achieve Fitness Goal

There’s something about New Year resolutions, something that makes you take your notepad out and put your thinking cap on every New Year’s Eve. You want your New Year resolutions to be well thought out and reflective of what you want the rest of the year to be like. But there is something else about New Year’s resolutions too, something that makes you forget about them only a few weeks later, if not sooner. Fitness goals are very similar. You know you want to do it, you are all prepared for it and you have set your goals, but somewhere along the road, the goals are forgotten. Following are three tips that work not only in setting goals but also in achieving them. – Write Your Goals Down Writing things down on paper somehow makes it mandatory to follow “The Written Word.” Set goals and post them anywhere and everywhere that you are likely to bump into them, including the refrigerator, the bath


room mirror, the office desk and pretty much any other place that you can think of. It is better to set smaller goals that can be achieved faster rather than bigger goals that will take longer to be achieved. For instance, if you wish to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, planning on getting your abs back or losing a few pounds, write down week long goals and focus primarily on them. – Invest In a Personal Trainer Personal trainers might be expensive, but they are constant reminders of your goals and work with you to help you achieve them. The money you invest will soon be recovered in terms of a healthier and leaner body. – Track Your Progress Most video games are made addictive by a rewarding mechanism. The only reason that keeps you going from one level to the other are the rewards, whether an extra life, a better car. Your fitness regime too can become a


healthy addiction if you constantly track your progress and reward yourself with small treats when the goals are achieved.

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