6 Exercises To Build Muscle At Home

A gym is a great way to build muscle. However, gyms are not a requirement for becoming stronger. You can certainly build plenty of muscle while working out from home, especially if you are a newcomer to strength training. Here are six of the best exercises to perform at home to increase your muscles mass.


1. Push-ups.

This classic exercise is one of the foundations of bodyweight fitness. Push-ups primarily target the chest (pectorals) and arm (triceps) muscles while also requiring stomach and back muscles to be activated. Regularly doing push-ups plays a key role in beginning to grow muscle. Once standard push-ups become a little easier, graduate to more demanding, advanced variants such as decline, diamond, or even one-arm push-ups.


2. Squats.

Squats are another basic element of bodyweight fitness. This simple exercise — which can even be performed while watching TV — works virtually every major muscle in the lower half of the body, from the calves, to the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Squats also target the muscles found in the core to a smaller extent.


3. Planks.

This basic exercise is one of the essential parts of any fitness routine that eschews complicated equipment. While simple to perform, planks are nonetheless still demanding. Even people in great shape can benefit a lot from planks. There are also a huge number of plank variations that will force the body to work in different ways.


4. Lunges.

Doing lunges is a great way to strengthen your glute, hamstring, and quadriceps muscles. Performing a single lunge isn’t particularly difficult, but with further reps the exercise becomes much more challenging. Lunge variants, such as the lateral lunge or walking lunge, can be used to add more challenge as well.


5. Dips.

While dips can be completed using gym equipment, performing at-home variants using a chair is also perfectly possible. Dips are a compound exercise, which means they involve multiple joints and muscle groups. A fantastic upper body exercise, dips target the pectorals, deltoids, triceps, and abdominal muscles all at once.


6. Curls.

Curls are perfect for increasing arm strength and building the biceps. While most of the at home exercises to grow muscle require no equipment, performing curls does mean you will need some dumbbells. Luckily, dumbbells are not expensive when considering how useful they can be. Besides curls, dumbbells can also be used to make exercises like squats and lunges more challenging.


Strength training at home does have its drawbacks. Without the equipment found in a gym, your ability to grow muscle is ultimately limited. Past a certain point you will require the serious resistance provided by gym equipment if you wish to continue making progress. Still, growing your muscle with simple home workouts is certainly possible, and is a great way for an inexperienced person to introduce themselves to the habit of strength training.

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