Lewis Demilade Babatope 
founded “Healthful Diet & Nutrition”Healthful Diet And Nutrition Promotes Health And Wellness Information Needed To Maintain Good Health And Prevent Diseases. His content is very simple and straight to the point for a better level of understanding. If you can relate to the daily struggle of trying to Eat Healthy and Stay Active, you have come to the right place.


He is a firm believer for helping people quit their inactive lifestyle in exchange for an active one. His goal is to provide the knowledge that is healthful and relevant to your needs by offering you useful reseources that will help you achieve your Diet and Fitness goals.


Through his website, he promotes concepts of Health and Wellness to people struggling to make a permanent lifestyle change. He offers readers strategies and tips to turn their lives around by maintianing a healthy diet and exercise routine – two important things people need to live a long and prosperous life.


His aim is to provide the tools and resources needed to prevent diseases. He wants to share what he learns with the rest of the world.


His website is his way of helping others fight the urge to eat unhealthy and not exercise. He has compiled his years of knowledge on various health and fitness topics and has included them in his website to provide people with the ultimate resource to help them bring a much-awaited transformation into their life.