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“60 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit” book provides the knowledge you need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Can you relate to the daily struggle of trying to eat healthy and stay fit, if so, this book is for you. It gives you the knowledge you need to maintain good health and prevent diseases.


The book consists of 3 parts: Weight Loss, Exercise and Healthy Eating Tips.


It is is a simple fact that, if you are to lose weight, you need to use up more calories than you take in. Maintaining a proper diet can seem like a challenging task, yet it is an important part of a healthy living plan. Eating nutrient-dense foods in their natural state is a key factor in maintaining optimal wellness. Do you ever drive past the gym and wonder if working out is really worth the effort? Exercise offers truly life-changing results if you’re willing to put in the effort required.

Let’s take a look at what you will discover:


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1: Lose Weight without Dieting by Making Seven Lifestyle Changes

2: Five Medical Benefits of Losing Weight

3: Ten Weight Loss Tips to Consider As You Age

4: Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar

5: Could The Way Your Body Processes Food Be Why You Are Struggling To Lose Weight?

6: Five Proven Weight Loss Foods You Should Be Eating

7: Four Dangerous Weight Loss Methods You Must Avoid

8: Weight Loss Success with Yogurt

9: How to Eat More Fiber and Drop the Pounds

10: How to Choose Meal Replacement Shakes For Effective Weight Loss Results


11: The Amazing Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking

12: Six Exercises to Build Muscle At Home

13: Six Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

14: Five Cardio Exercises That Help You Burn Fat Fast

15: Five Signs You Need To Change Your Exercise Routine

16: Don’t Feel Like Exercising Today? Here’s Why You Should Do It Anyway

17: Home Exercise Equipment You Can Buy To Avoid Gym Membership

18: Surprise! Even a Two Minute Workout Can Benefit Your Heart

19: Five Benefits of Warming Up Before Exercise and Why You Should Not Skip It

20: Four Benefits of Regular Exercise

21: Five Ways Strength Training Slows Aging

22: Six Reasons for Feeling Unusually Tired During Exercise

23: Should I Take a Break from Working Out?

24: How to Stay Energized All Day

25: Five Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Exercise Routine

26: How to Put on Ten Pounds of Muscle

27: Is This Why You See No Results When You Exercise?

28: Why Consistency Matters Most for Getting Fitter and How to be more Consistent

29: Five Effective Ways to Stay Consistent with Your Workouts


30: How Diets Should Really Work

31: Seven Things to Put In Healthy Salads

32: Four Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

33: Reasons to Try Intermittent Fasting

34: Foods You Should Eat To Increase Energy and Vitality

35: Five Power Foods to Get You through Your Work Day

36: Ten Best Ways to Eat Fruit

37: The Truth about Sugar in Fruit – Why Fruit Should Form a Part of Everyone’s Diet

38: Nutrition For Beauty: 9 Essential Nutrients for Skin, Hair, and Nail Health

39: Ten Easy Ways to Get More Benefits from the Vegetables You Eat

40: Six Ways to a Healthy Immune System

41: Could a Vegan Diet Give Your Immune System a Boost?

42: Seven Simple Ways to Add More Healing Foods to Your Diet

43: Is Sodium Bad for Your Health? The Salty Truth about Sodium and How It Affects the Body

44: Congratulations on Your Low Salt Diet

45: Five Easy Ways to Eat More Protein without Supplements or Powders

46: Five Whole Grains That Are Good For You

47: Water or Electrolyte Drinks: Which Is Better For The Body?

48: The Keto Diet: Does It Really Work for Weight Loss?

49: Could A Low Carb Lifestyle Be the Best Way to Achieve Your Weight Loss Resolution?

50: Farmers Market: A Fresh Idea

51: Twelve Ingredients that Are Killing You – And You Don’t Even Know It!

52: Why Eating a Mediterranean Diet is a Time Tested Strategy for Better Health

53: Three Reasons Why You Should Have a Weekly Cheat Meal

54: Three Easy Tips for Making Healthy Food Choices

55: Honey vs. Sugar – Which Is Better For the Body

56: Nutritious Foods for Your Colon Health

57: Seven Foods That Naturally Boost Fertility

58: How Many Calories Do I Need to Eat?

59: The Importance of Eating Breakfast

60: Quick and Healthy Breakfast


Are you ready for your transformation? Do not let life pass you by, Learn to control it and live it like you are meant to! Remember this is the only body you have.

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Can you relate to the daily struggle of trying to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?, if so, you’re at the right place. We provide the knowledge you need to maintain good health and prevent diseases.


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