Weight Loss Success with Yogurt

Losing Weight comes surprisingly easy for many people, and exceedingly hard for others. How is it possible that two people who have similar physical builds, eat the same number of calories, and do the same amount of exercise have such different weight loss outcomes? The secret may lie in what foods are being consumed. For example, if one person consumes yogurt daily, and the other person does not, the person who does include yogurt in their diet will likely lose more weight faster than the one who does not. Can yogurt really help you to lose weight?


We hear a lot about probiotics and their health benefits.  A probiotic is a good bacterium. Antibiotics are used to combat harmful bacteria, but can also kill off the beneficial bacteria in the process. You may have seen probiotic supplements in the vitamin aisle at your local pharmacy. You probably also noticed the high price tag for those probiotics. Luckily, you can regenerate the good bacteria your body needs by consuming yogurt. If you eat yogurt every day, you should have no need of probiotic supplements.


One way that yogurt helps you to lose weight is by helping with the digestion process. This is done with the common inclusion of three different probiotic bacterium: Bulgaricus, Streptococcus Thermophilus, and Lactobacillus. There are usually other probiotics added as well, which makes the yogurt more beneficial. This good bacterium helps to break food down in a more efficient manner and also improves the way that your body absorbs nutrients from the foods you consume as they are being digested.


Yogurt is made from milk, which contains protein. This gives your body some of the protein that is needed to lose weight even if you do not eat a lot of meat. Additionally, most people who are lactose intolerant tolerate yogurt very well, and yogurt actually helps to combat lactose intolerance.


Yogurt can be bought in bulk, but the smaller one-serving containers are recommended because of their convenience. These small containers make awesome, quick snacks or healthy desserts. If you do not have time for a full lunch, eat one or two containers of yogurt instead.


If you want to add beneficial yogurt to your daily diet, make sure that you are buying the correct type of yogurt. The brand is not important. However, live active cultures are important if you want to benefit from yogurt. The label should specifically say that the product has live active cultures. Do not be fooled by a product that states it contains at least 100 million live active cultures. This is the minimum required by the National Yogurt Association.


When you stand in front of the yogurt section in your grocery store, resist the urge to flee as you are confronted by all the different types, flavors, and brands of yogurt that are available. It can be quite overwhelming. You should avoid frozen yogurt, as it does not have as many live cultures as non-frozen yogurt. Greek yogurt will have more protein, but less calcium. It is also higher in calories than other types.


Keep to traditional types of yogurt and choose one that is “light” or lower in calories and sugars. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you cannot go wrong with a soy yogurt. Additionally, yogurt will help you to feel full faster if it contains small bits of fruit in it. Start with your favorite plain yogurt, and then experiment with different nuts and fruits at home to make and keep it interesting.


Yogurt is a very healthy choice to add to your weight loss plan, and it really can help you to lose weight. However, you should use caution. Most people enjoy the taste of yogurt, and like anything else, if you eat too much of it, you can derail your weight loss efforts.