5 Foods to Eat for Better Sleep

Are you trying to get more shut-eye but want to avoid the use of sleep aids? Consider looking at your diet, as the food that you’re putting into your body can have a major impact on your ability to rest. By eating certain foods, you can help your body to fall asleep faster and will enjoy more restful sleep at night.


1. Walnuts

As a major source of tryptophan, walnuts are one of the top foods when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Tryptophan is an amino acid that enhances sleep by producing melatonin and serotonin. These hormones help to set your sleep and wake cycles. Researchers with the University of Texas have also concluded that walnuts contain melatonin on their own, and this may help you to fall asleep faster at night.


2. Cheese

There is some truth to the old wives’ tale that a glass of warm milk can help you to sleep. Dairy products like cheese contain the calcium needed to help the brain use tryptophan, which manufactures the melatonin that triggers sleep. Calcium can also help to regulate the movement of your muscles, allowing you to sleep more soundly at night.


3. Passion Fruit Tea

While tea has long been talked about as a way to fall asleep easier at night, researchers in Australia specify that passion fruit tea is one of the best types to try before bed. One study indicated that drinking a cup of this tea helped participants to sleep more soundly. The reason for this success is thought to be due to the presence of Harman alkaloids, which act on your nervous system in order to help you feel tired.


4. Honey

If you have a cup of tea before bed, mixing in a spoonful of honey can help you to get more peaceful sleep. This is because honey contains natural sugar that will slightly raise your body’s insulin levels. This elevation allows tryptophan to enter into the brain easily, and it can result in falling asleep faster.?


5. Hummus

As another great source of tryptophan, the chickpeas found in hummus are beneficial for getting some rest. If you’re interested in taking an afternoon nap, consider having a light lunch of hummus and crackers. The carbohydrates found in whole grain crackers can also aid the tryptophan in traveling to the brain.


It is important to remember that a healthy diet is essential when it comes to getting a healthy amount of sleep. By adding some specific foods to your grocery list, you can be on your way to a better night’s sleep in no time.

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