5 Steps To Successful Treatment for Depression

The main problem with getting treated for depression is that many people close to the sufferer see it as a sign of weakness. There is a stigma attached to mental illness despite the amazing progress made in medicine and mental health generally. These factors are like obstacles in helping a person get treatment for depression.This article will outline what the five steps are to successful treatment.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimate that about 10% of Americans are going to suffer from depression at one or several points in their lives. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that one in twenty suffers from depression. They also tell us that women are much more likely to be affected by this disorder than men.


As can be imagined, this represents an enormous drain on productivity and a considerable cost to nations in terms of medical costs and absenteeism. In America it seems that the south-eastern states are the most affected. There is a strong link between depression and chronic diseases such as stroke and obesity. The numbers of depressed people in this area is hovering around 15%.


Step 1 – Recognizing the problem and starting treatment

Half the battle is over once a depressed person has taken the gigantic step to get treatment. But the chances of that happening are actually quite slim as more than 60% of depressed patients never even go for treatment. The astonishing fact is that 70% ofthose who do start treatment can actually start to benefit and improve within a short time.


Step 2 – Trusting your doctor and therapist.

Many people are afraid that once they go down the medication path, there is no return and they dread the thought of being a slave to medication. Doctors can reassure patients about this.


Once a patient is recommended to try therapy, it is most important to find a therapist they can feel comfortable with. Remembering painful episodes and traumatic experiences is no fun but it can really be important for treatment to start working effectively.


Step 3 – Relieve depression symptoms through exercise

Getting a dose of exercise every day will not cure depression but it will certainly relieve some of the symptoms.  Experts have revealed that the good mood endorphins, which kick into action after exercising, will lift your mood. In addition they are also natural painkillers. Pet therapy is also recommended as the actual task of caring for a pet and having an affectionate companion who will not answer back, is a great way to create positive thoughts.


Step 4 – Choosing the right food and drink.

Too many coffees in a day may make a person feel irritated and nervy and therefore increases anxiety levels. Caffeine can also interfere with sleep patterns. There is no established link between diet and depression although certain foods seem to lift a person’s mood. The best ones are fish and nuts which contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Then there are a whole range of vegetables and fruit together with low fat carbs which seem to help.


Step 5 – Avoid loneliness and isolation.

There is nothing worse than feeling lonely or isolated. This adds to depressed thoughts. In order to counteract this, patients are advised to find support by taking part in group activities, social gatherings and maintaining contact with friends. People who do this are liable to be more successful in dealing with their depression because they have support and social contact which can be an enormous help.


Treatment of depression is much more than pills and therapy.  The above steps will help a patient exploit the most they can from life. They also add considerably to the chances of following a successful treatment plan which will get permanent results.

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