5 Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

With every magazine and television advertisement promising new and different ways to make your hair look healthy and bright, the path to luxurious locks may seem overwhelming. However, the truth is that almost anyone can achieve beautiful, vibrant hair simply by making minor changes to their diet and hair-care regimen. Below are a few simple and inexpensive ways to make your hair grow longer and look rejuvenated.


Follow a Healthy Diet

When it comes to growing healthy hair, proper nutrition is a crucial foundation. Eating the right food not only contributes to faster hair growth, but ensures that your hair is shiny, vibrant, and voluminous. Look for foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts and salmon. Another major component of a hair-friendly diet is high protein intake. Lean meats, beans, dairy, and nuts are all excellent choices, and all of them contain addition vitamins and minerals–such as iron, zinc, and biotin–that promote a healthy, moisturized scalp. Finish a meal off by adding leafy greens and vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes for an ample supply of beta carotene, a potent antioxidant that can even help fight dandruff.


Practice Proper Hair Brushing

Most people don’t put very much thought into brushing their hair, but the truth is that proper technique can greatly improve the health and appearance of hair. Brushing your hair allows the scalp’s natural oils to be distributed along the shaft of each strand of hair. However, not all brushes are created equal. Instead of buying synthetic brushes, look for ones made of boar’s hair, which distributes those oils more evenly. Brushing from root to tip is ideal, and also stimulates blood flow in the scalp. If your hair is especially dry, consider massaging in a bit of olive or coconut oil before brushing.


Avoid Harsh Hair Treatments

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do when it comes to making hair grow in faster and healthier. Many common treatments and styling techniques can actually weaken or damage hair, potentially undoing all of your hard work. When it comes to picking a shampoo, check the label to make sure it doesn’t include silicone, which will dry hair out and make it brittle. If you wear hair ties or clips, try to reposition them from day to day, since wearing them in the same place over and over can cause breakage. Finally, avoid bleaching, dyeing, and perming your hair, because these treatments use harsh chemicals that can cause long-term damage. Similarly, stay away from curling irons, flat irons, and hair extensions to reduce the strain and heat applied to your hair.


Make Time to Relax

Stress is one of the most common contributing factors to limp, thin hair appearance. Extreme stress releases harmful chemicals into the body that can even cause hair to fall out! While eliminating stress altogether isn’t realistic, finding small ways to reduce it each day can go a long way towards healthier-looking hair. Light exercise, massage therapy, peaceful hobbies, and short naps are just a few ways to help unwind throughout the day.


Use the Right Supplements and Products

Finally, it’s always worth taking the time to carefully inspect supplements and hair-care products before buying them. Plenty of companies prey on lack of consumer knowledge, advertising some new fad or “miracle” product, but a little bit of research can save you money and make your hair look even better. Stay away from shampoos that contain wax, a common additive that makes hair look heavy and dull. If your scalp is dry, pick a moisturizing shampoo to improve scalp health. If you plan to take supplements such as vitamins that promote hair growth, check the label to ensure that they contain enough of the major vitamins and minerals. Keep an eye out for vitamins A, B, C, and E, and minerals such as zinc and iron in particular.


With a bit of knowledge and planning, it is entirely possible for anyone to improve the vitality and appearance of their hair. Practicing these techniques consistently will soon lead to excellent lifelong hair-care habits that guarantee your hair always looks its best.

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