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10 Easy Ways to Get More Benefits from the Vegetables You Eat

Non-starchy vegetables are powerful sources of antioxidants and dietary fiber. These are components that help your body maintain a healthy immune system, balance blood sugar levels, and regulate bowel movements. Eating non-starchy vegetables will also provide more vitamins and minerals than you can get from most other foods.   Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough of them, and you might

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4 Truths About Why People Are Really Fat

Today, millions of Americans are fighting the battle of the bulge, carrying enough extra pounds to increase the risk of injury and serious conditions such as heart disease. Although many experts are quick to place responsibility on the heavy individuals, significant cultural problems aren’t making it any easier for people to shed unwanted pounds.   1) Nutrition information is overwhelming and

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Weight Loss Success with Yogurt

 Losing Weight comes surprisingly easy for many people, and exceedingly hard for others. How is it possible that two people who have similar physical builds, eat the same number of calories, and do the same amount of exercise have such different weight loss outcomes? The secret may lie in what foods are being consumed. For example, if one person consumes yogurt

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How to Stay Energized All Day

Are you struggling to make your way through another lethargic day? Maybe you woke up exhausted, slumped your way through the morning, then felt like you were hit by a truck of bricks when the afternoon rolled around. You’re not alone and you’re not hopeless. Take these tips to get you going first thing in the morning and stay energized

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How Jogging Affects Your Body

There’s no specific timetable for seeing positive changes in your body after you’ve taken up jogging. The benefits of jogging begin immediately and tend to increase over time; you’ll see even more marked improvement at six months and a year.   Weight-Loss Whether you lose weight and how much weight you lose depends upon several factors, including how much time

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