Fitness for Over-40s

Just because you’ve hit 40 doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being out of shape. In fact, you need to take extra care of your health since you are aging and aren’t as resilient as when you were young. One way to get back in shape is by working out, even if your age does make it a bit challenging because your body may also take longer to recover after a workout than when young. However, as long you exercise intelligently and use your time wisely, you can still regain the strong, healthy body you had when you were young.


Stop Thinking in Terms of the Gym

If you think of working out as something you go to the gym to do, you’re holding yourself back. Even if you have busy a schedule at work and a family to take care of, you can still find time to work out. You don’t need to strain your busy schedule to get to the gym. Instead, you can fit your workouts into your schedule whenever you have a few minutes. Just doing 5 to 10 minutes here and there can make a great difference to your body. So instead of using a car to go for lunch, walk. Instead of sitting down to watch TV, watch a show from the treadmill. Walk up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. Do a few squats every time you stand up to stretch your legs. You’ll soon see a big difference in your fitness level.


You Need Yoga

Yoga is a great workout routine for people of your age group, since it helps to strengthen and stretch your muscles without straining them too much. It also helps to create the kind of flexibility that lets you perform other, more strenuous workouts without risking muscle injuries. Some yoga routines even burn a good amount of calories if done correctly.


You Can Strength Train, but Do it Intelligently

When you hit your 40s, your body begins to naturally lose muscle. One way to compensate for the lost muscle is through strength training. You can lift weights 3 or 4 times per week, as long as you leave a day off in between to let your muscles recover. When you do lift, you should lift moderately and pay attention to how your body responds so you can stop before doing any damage. If you feel like you can’t do any more reps, stop. Pushing your body further may have been something you could get away with in your 20s, but now it will just slow your workout and reduce your gains. Slow and steady is the approach your body needs now.


Find a Way to Stay Motivated

Training alone can be tedious, so you should find a workout partner to keep it interesting. Ask your partner or a friend who has the same fitness goals as you to join you. Create weight-loss strategies to motivate each other for fast and effective results. You can also try setting up rewards for yourself for every time you reach a fitness goal.



Getting back to into fitness world when you reach your 40s requires you to be smart and dedicated. However, if you commit yourself to achieving your fitness goals, you will eventually achieve them. All you have to do is exercise in a way that works for your middle aged body.

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