3 Reasons to Consume Olive Oil

People have been consuming olive oil since 3000 B.C. This food has a wonderful flavor, and it promotes good health. If you haven’t incorporated olive oil into your diet yet, you just may want to start. Here’s a list of reasons to add olive oil to your food:


(1.) Olive oil aids in the prevention of damage to the body caused by oxidation. It contains polyphenols that work to prevent LDL oxidation. LDL oxidation advances the development of arteriosclerosis, a condition that is also referred to as hardening of the arteries.


(2.) Olive oil contains phytosterols that may assist in the prevention of cancer. This oil also has monounsaturated fat that may offer protection against breast cancer. The consumption of olive oil could protect against colon cancer too.


(3.) Olive oil has the ability to lower blood pressure. The effect it has on the cells that line the blood vessels is positive. Researchers from the University of Athens performed a study on a large number of people from Greece, and they found that these people had lower blood pressure from the olive oil they consumed.


Aside from the health benefits mentioned, olive oil can be applied to the hair to serve as a conditioner. A few drops in the ear helps remove ear wax.  This oil also aids as a laxative. Be aware that extra virgin olive oil is recommended over regular olive oil because it is richer in polyphenols.



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