7 Tips for Appetite Control

Food cravings come without warning and are often difficult to resist. Your appetite may seem out of control, but you are stronger than a feeling. Following a few tips will help you tame your hunger.


1.​ Eat breakfast every day. Skipping meals will not help you lose or maintain weight. Three well-balanced meals and one healthy afternoon snack is recommended to keep your appetite at bay. Space meals from four to five hours apart to keep blood sugar levels stable.


2.​ Healthy snacks can include raw veggies and hummus dip, a small handful of nuts, hard-boiled egg, and pumpkin seeds. Eat slowly to allow time for your brain to get the message that you are full. Avoid sweetened snacks, such as honey-roasted almonds or chocolate-covered raisins.


3.​ Keep a water container at your desk when you are at work. Staying hydrated keeps your appetite satisfied between meals. Drink only water or sparkling water, and avoid energy drinks and juices.


4.​ Have an appetizer of fiber-rich vegetables before starting your meal. Because the fiber is filling, you will not eat as much. Try to include some raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. Satisfying your appetite at mealtime reduces the desire for snacking.


5.​ If you’re feeling hungry between meals, enjoy a cup of hot tea. Herbal or regular are both acceptable, but avoid adding sugar of any kind.


6.​ Regular exercise reduces the risk of overeating. Exercise increases the level of appetite-suppressing peptide YY.


7.​ Adding a little organic red cider vinegar to your food lowers the glycemic index and causes your food to metabolize more slowly. Cinnamon also slows the metabolic rate and can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies, stew, and chili.


Following these seven tips will help keep your appetite in check. Add them to your daily routine. Healthy foods keep you satisfied and help you reach and maintain your weight goal.

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